Photography by Dave McLelland

Photography Classes in Northern Utah

Photography ClassesDave teaches Photography Classes in Northern Utah at The Imaging Depot and the Davis Applied Technology College. These classes teach you the foundations of photography to help you become a better photographer. For more information or to view current schedules please visit The Imaging Depot or Davis Applied Technology College.

Photography Classes taught at The Imaging Depot

Foundations of Photography 1: DSLR Camera Operation

This class we will cover the basic operation of your DSLR camera including modes, menus, controls, and basic camera settings. We will discuss RAW vs JPEG, proper file organization and archiving your images. We will also cover accessories such as lenses, flashes, and other accessories and why you may or may not need them.

Foundations of Photography 2: Composition & Lighting

This class will cover Composition and Lighting. Lighting and Composition are essential to quality photography. Knowing these concepts will set your photos apart from the typical snapshots whether your are taking family vacation pictures, landscapes, or professional grade portrait & wedding pictures. Composition will explore framing, rule of thirds, expansion & compression, as well as other compositional techniques to improve your photography. Lighting will discuss the 3 characteristics of light: Quality, Direction and Color. We will cover white balance in great detail in this class.

Foundations of Photography 3: Exposure

In this course we will help you get out of “auto” and explore the basic of exposure: Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO with an emphasis on using these concepts for creativity. Knowing when to select certain exposure settings will take your photography to the next level. The concepts taught in this class will explore how to freeze or blur moving subjects, and how to isolate your subject from the background through depth-of-field control.

Foundations of Photography Class Special

The Imaging Depot is proud to offer the 3 foundations of Photography classes above along with the companion book written by Dave McLelland for a great price. Please contact the Imaging Depot for more details!